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Who knows where to buy this kind of sunglass? I want a light tea color with a simple style.

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  • 04/12/2012

    I suggest you search online for you just need click and scroll the mouse instead of wandering around from one street to another and feeling exhausted . Some sites such as firmoo offter the vitual try-on system which enables you to pick your faviourite style and see if they look good on your face
  • Alexandria


    You can have a look on at There are many kinds of sunglasses. I have seen at least 3 pairs of sunglasses that are probably fit for your request. But I am not sure of that. So you'd better have a look by yourself. Good luck!
  • Erin rupert


    There are many online eyeglasses shops. You just need to input "sunglasses online" you can find many online stores. I have never bought a pair of that kind of sunglasses before. So I can't recommend a reliable website for you. But you can open each website to have a look of their products if you have enough time. Before placing an order, there are many things to do. You may need to view the comments of the products. You may need to find the right size and right frame for your face. And you also need to ask the online customer services that whether their products are with 100% UV protection or not because this kind of sunglasses can better protect your eyes. Good luck!