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What is the difference between regular sunglass lenses and polarized sunglass lenses?

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  • Caroline bell


    The polarized sunglasses can filter the glare from the smooth surface of a road or water. They can provide you with clear images and make your eyes feel more comfortable. The fishers often wear a pair of polarized sunglasses when they are fishing. They lenses will filter the glare from the surface of water and make them see more clearly.
  • 04/12/2012

    Polarized sunglasses can remove the reflex that by caused by the sun, in the car, or at sea,giving you a more clearer view, so better to drive and certain sports.? moreover ,polarized sunglasses give better protection from the sun than the non-polarized (and therefore more expensive).
  • 04/13/2012

    There is no need for you to get another pair if you are not bifocal .the Driving sunglasses can also be good for daily use .IF you worry about wearing prescription sunglasses will harm your eyes ,just go and consult your doctor .
  • 04/13/2012

    there are so many stores selling prescription sunglasses online in low price and good quality .But before you decide to buy ,you need to know your Pupillary Distance and strength of your prescription .there will be a form for you to fill in these information .then the seller will choose lens fitting you . so Go to an optic and get your prescription first .
  • Sara


    I know that the polarized sunglasses are more expensive than the regular sunglasses because it costs a manufacturer more to produce polarized lenses than non-polarized ones. So the manufacturer should charge customers more for polarized ones. But polarized sunglasses will make your eyes feel better. You can have a try. You can wear a pair of polarized sunglasses and then wear a pair of regular sunglasses in the outside, and then you can find their differences. So I will suggest you to take quality precedence over a bargain when shopping for sunglasses. Hope this helped!
  • Christina


    Polarized lenses can block horizontal light coming from the road, the hood of a car, and water surfaces. When you hold these two kinds of sunglasses up to a sunny road or path you may find that the differences between the two types of lenses are quite apparent. You'll notice immediately that the polarized sunglasses can reduce glare on the surface of the road or path and enable you to clearly distinguish between textures and lines. So the polarized sunglasses are especially good for driving on sunny days.

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