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What can i use for sunglasses while i wear prescription glasses?

I am heading down south for a week and dont really want to spend the 400 dollers on prescription sunglasses, when i am planning on getting laser eye surgery next april. (note i am 6 months pregnant and laser eye surgery is not an option for at least a year) i have tried using contacts but i have trouble getting them out, and my eyes dry out way to quickly.. is there anything else i can do?
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  • Lydia


    It seems that it is really difficult to solve your problems. But I still suggest you to buy a pair of sunglasses. Maybe a pair of Plano sunglasses won't be that expensive. And other people in the family can use the Plano sunglasses too. So it can't be a waste.
  • 04/12/2012

    the clip on sunglasses can not only serve as the regular sunglasses to prevent sunglight ,they can also be used as the prescription glasses .they are multi-functional . So you can use them both indoor and outdoor . When you go outside, you can turn down the clip ons to protect your eyes from the sunlight and UV ray; when you come back indoors, you can turn up the clip ons and see objects through the prescription eyeglasses lens.Hope these could help.
  • 04/12/2012

    you mean you need eye prescription particlularly for the brand name sunglasses frame ? I guess it is impossible for an optist to do that . You can take the certain frame with your prescription to the optical store and ask their opinion. there are many eyeglasses places doing prescription sunglasses with any frame that is well made and can support a custom lense, which is basically any brand name frame should do.
  • 04/13/2012

    there are many options for prescription sunglasses .why should it only be confined to 400 dollars ? You can choose a much cheaper pair . There are many good eyeglasses store online offering high quality and low price .Just take a little effort to choose your favourite one .HOpe these can help !
  • 04/14/2012

    I guess it is optical frames ?
  • b3aut1fulfr3ak7


    400 dollars!!! That's a lot of money. You can buy a pair of sunglasses online. They are cheaper. Maybe you just need to spend only 100 dollars on them. Why not have a try? You can have a look online. There are many online eyeglasses stores. But you may need to make sure that the sunglasses that you choose are 100% UV protection. Good luck!
  • estranged_soul


    As you are a pregnant, you are not a good candidate for lasik eye surgery. You can't have lasik eye surgery before you give birth to your baby. Besides, the level of hormone in your body is unstable and this will affect your vision, so you can't have an eye test at this moment because the result of the test is not reliable. So you can't get a pair of prescription sunglasses. It will be silly to spend 400 dollars to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses at this moment.
  • Caleb murphy


    How about wearing a wide brim hat to protect your eyes from the sun? Though the hat can't block any UV rays for you, but it can shelter your eyes from the sun and prevent the glare from the sun. I doubt that whether you can't see all the things clearly when you take off your prescription glasses? If you don't have very strong degrees in your eyes, you can manage without a pair of glasses. So you can borrow a pair of Plano sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. Besides, there are always some people accompany a pregnant. So they can help you with many things. You just need to be careful when you are walking. Good luck!

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