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Ariana kirk


my eyelid twitches when i wear my glasses?

is that really bad? it doesnt afftect my vision but sometimes it just twitches for up to a half an hour. Any ideas on what could be happening? it doesnt usually do it when im not wearing them
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  • Zoe


    I think it's a more common thing then we could realize. I don't know if my twitching will come back again someday or not. I hope not. It does seem that it eventually stops in most cases, but the timing is different for everyone. My left eyelid is back to normal now. But when it was twitching, I would look at it and really notice the lid was lowered. I think my eyes were really tired out. You don't have twitching in the other eye, do you? I had it in both, but the left was more consistent. It was really really annoying. I hope you stop twitching soon!
  • walkercub76


    Eyelid twitch is one of the most common types of eyelid spasms. Eyelid twitch is caused by something we still don't know for sure. Slight spasm of the lower, or even both eyelids is common, and of no concern. Symptoms are twitching or spasm around the eyes, or facial spasms. These symptoms may not necessary mean that you have eyelid spasms. The best would be if you consult your doctor to confirm any diagnosis, whether is good or bad. Treatment for your lower eyelid twitching requires no treatment, as they usually resolve spontaneously. You should reduce stress if there is any, because sometimes it can be provoked by it. Try use warm soaks, or correction of any refractive error also may help. Some ophthalmologists recommend reducing caffeine usage.