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Angelica giles


I get ear/facial pain when I wear my eyeglasses, what's going on there?

I got new glasses. However, it took three exchanges of frames and four adjustments to get to the point where I thought i could wear them without getting ear and facial pain. I wore them for fifteen minutes a month ago and developed such a pain in the mastoid bones behind my ear I had to take them off...have not worn them since. I went in again today and asked if they couldn't do something to relieve the discomfort...have tried "pad" on the bow and nose piece. I order that new light weight plastic in the lenses and wire frames. Nothing works! My face and ears are soooo sensitive...I can't even pluck my eyebrows anymore without getting a serious headache.
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  • emiliaenespanol


    I have met this kind of problem before. I have wire frames and my glasses are very lightweight. So perhaps your eyeglasses are not adjusted properly. I do have a spring action in the arms where the arms meet the lens frame. It sounds like they are hugging your head too tightly. Just keep going back until they get it right. That's what I do. I'm sorry you are dealing with this.
  • Rebecca


    Most likely, the pain is caused by an incorrect adjustment of your glasses. Each of us has a unique head shape, and our glasses need to be personally customized.Sometimes the pain you feel behind your ears is due to the size of the frames. Not all frame styles and sizes are suitable for every head shape, and in some cases you could end up with frames that are just too tight for you. This can lead to headaches as the glasses impact the blood circulation behind your ears.Believe it or not, the actual material your glasses are made of could also have an effect on you. Your frames could be made of plastic, metal or even wood, and if you have a skin allergy to those materials, you should be cautious about which option you choose.
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