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Andrea tuener


What is the cheapest place to buy titanium frames prescription glasses?

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  • 04/14/2012

    You go some optical store and have your eye checked. Then you can ask them for a paper copy of your prescription. I'd suggest you visit several eyeglass stores and try on the frames you like best and remember the model. After that you can visit various places to get the cheapest one or you may find them online for much cheaper.
  • crockettcastle

    12/18/2013 there are many titanium frames for you to choose. But I think most of them are too plain. I won't choose this kind of frames. But last month I bought a pair of titanium glasses. It is this kind of frame. You can have a look at
  • Vivid


    Dude, you can have a look at titanium glasses. There are many titanium glasses. The prices of the frames range from $49-$55. They are quite cheap. Hope this helped!
  • ctc_youth


    You can have a look at There are many titanium glasses. They are only $59.
  • Ryan


    There are so many cheap titanium glasses. You can have a look at But some of them are very expensive. You can choose the cheap ones if you like them. Hope this helped too!

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