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Zoe may


How to buy computer reading glasses?

I got nearsightedness. However, I still want to buy a pair of computer reading glasses. Can you please kindly tell me how to buy them?
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  • Lisa


    Actually, it's so easy to buy computer reading glasses. To give your comfortable wearing, you shall choose durable and light weight eyeglasses frames, also, you shall consider the look of the eyeglasses. Besides, you shall apply correct prescription to an optician to fill you proper prescription lenses. Also, you shall ask him/her add lens coating to your eyeglasses lenses so as to shield your eyes.
  • John C.


    From your description, i know that you want to have pair of eyeglasses for vision aids, also eye shielding when you see computer screen. So, you shall take an eye exam first so as to get prescription. Then buy reading glasses based on your prescription. Also, you shall consult the optician that if the reading glasses lenses have anti-reflective coating. Of course, you shall choose eyeglasses frame that fit for your head size. Just go ahead.
  • Christina


    In my mind, computer eyeglasses is different from reading glasses because of the different seeing distance. If you want a pair of eyeglasses which can be used to see computer and reading, I think bifocal eyeglasses is much better. A pair of bifocals can be used to see middle distance (play computer) and near distance (reading). If you would love to get a pair of bifocals, firstly, you need to get your latest prescription from your optometrist and then take it with you to the eyeglasses store or online eyeglasses shop. As my experience, buying bifocals online is much cheaper than those in brick and mortar store. Buying bifocals online need you to fill the prescription form accordingly. Hope this helpful.