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Can vision loss increase the risk of death?

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  • Werner


    As we all know that vision loss interferes with vision loss interferes with a person's ability to complete basic tasks, known as instrumental activities of daily living (IADL), such as grocery shopping, using the telephone, or doing housework-which are measures of the ability to live independently. According to a new study published that lacking of these basic task is associated with an increased risk of death. Researchers found that people who had increasing IADL difficulty showed a 31 percent greater mortality risk during the 8-year study period.
  • Aaron lewis


    Yeah. If your vision was lost, it is inconvenient for you to walking, eating and do something else. Good vision is most important in our daily life and we can not live comfortable with the vision loss. If someone suffer vision loss, the risk of death is increasing.
  • Shelby harris


    As to a person with twenty-twenty vision, he can perform instrumental activities of daily living freely without any inconvenient. However, loss of visual acuity negatively impacts an elderly person's instrumental activities of daily living levels such as using the telephone, shopping and doing housework, which are all measures of an individual's ability to live independently, and that subsequently increases the risk for death.Prevention of disabling ocular conditions, treatment of correctable visual impairment, and interventions designed to prevent the effect of visual impairment on IADL declines may all reduce mortality risk in aging adults