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Gülernur Dönmez


Do I have visual snow

Hello I am just curious....

I read that if you have visual snow you see tv-static in you vision 24/7 even when the light are on.
I don't see static like that in the sun light or anything but in dim light I see it a bit not much. And in the dark its a bit more noticeable. I'm really scared of this. I asked my mom and she said she saw it too but I'm not sure.

Is it normal??
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  • Emma


    A visual disturbance whereby the sufferer sees lots of small bright and dark dots flickering across their entire visual field, like a layer of T.V. static. Therefore,you might have visual snow, but it seems not very serious for the situation you mentioned. If it doesn't bother you much, you can just ignore it since there is no effective drug. You may go to some forums about SV to communicate with the guy who have SV to find a way to get better.