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Can corneal transplant change eye color?

Will my eye color change if i take a corneal transplant? Why or why not?
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  • Christopher Smith


    Yes. The color of your eyes can change from disease, age or trauma. We're all born with blue eyes. Genetics determines your eye color but there are other factors that affect eye color. The color of your eyes depends on how much of the pigment melanin is in the iris.

    I had a detached retina and had to undergo numerous eye surgeries causing severe eye trauma. Gradually over a 10 year period the iris in right eye changed from brown to blue. I mistakenly assumed my iris was still brown but looked blue because by my diseased cornea, but that was not the case. I recently underwent a cornea transplant and after the surgery the blue in my eye popped and became very obvious. Like the blue links on this page. The Iris was being hidden behind the cloudy cornea. My corea (numeros surgery = sever trauma) had been gradually turning white a fried egg. It wasn't as noticeable before the surgery but afterwards very much so. I now have one brown eye and one blue. So yes the color of your eyes can change I'm living proof.
  • Armand


    No, your eye color will not change after you take a corneal transplant because the cornea is transparent. And eye color depends on the quantity of the pigments in the iris. Pigments in the epithelial cells lined behind the iris are large grained with deep color and they never take changes. Pigments in the superficial layer of the iris are small with light color and increase as age grows. Eye color differs with race and has something to do with heritage and diseases. Corneal transplant just cannot change the eye color.
  • Shelby


    Actually the eye color will not change when you take the corneal transplant because of the not changed DNA in your body which takes the main role to decide your color of eyes. However, now there is the surgery of changing the iris to change your color of eyes. The corneal transplantation is the normal corneal replacement of existing lesions in patients with cornea. With eye surgery or the control of corneal disease, it can improve visual acuity or treat some corneal disease. The eye treatment can be used among some patients with severe visual loss and even blindness of corneal disease. The cornea transplant method can help these unfortunate patients from the pain because corneal itself does not contain blood vessels. It makes the success rate of cornea transplant in other allograft of organ transplantation. The corneal transplant becomes more and more safe and effective in the medical circle now.
  • Katelyn


    Well, generally speaking, you should know that the corneas transparent can not changer the eye color. And through corneal transparent, the cornea will be clear and transparent. But on the other hand, there is nothing to do with your eye color. So it has no effect on the color of your eyes. According to some doctors, the only thing that would happen to the color of your eyes after a cornea transplant might be that the color might be a bit more vivid than before, because the new cornea might be more transparent than the old one. And in common, the eye color can be changed by your emotion and weather. So you should pay more attention to it.

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