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Christopher dale


Can a scratched cornea cause blindness?

Is it possible to get blindness because of a scratched cornea? Can you explain it to me?
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  • Ethan edward


    Well, relax. Althoug it is possible lead to blindness because of a scratched cornea, it rarely does so. When you hurt your cornea, you may get scratched eyes. Then eye pain, eye red are on the way. If you are really in this condition, visit a doctor at first and take a overall examination, then take a note from your doctor and have a good rest. By the way, don't rub your eyes if you feel itching and pain, or your eyes may get a deeper injury.
  • christy9589


    well, yes, in some degree, it can be dangerous to be blind when you have a serious scratched eyes. generally speaking, if you have scratched eyes, it can be very dangerous. it can make your eyes become red, bloodshot, easy infected. In my opinion, you may take some warm cloth on your eyes and it can relieve the symptom. Also, just have some medicine from the doctor. Besides, you can just wear the eye patch. By wearing an eye patch, it can be bothersome, but doing so will insure a speedy recovery for scratched corneas. anyway, do not ignore the problems.
  • Charley


    Cornea is the transparent and thin dome-like surface of eyes, which worked as the lens of camera. If your camera got lens scratched, can you imagine what would happen? The picture taken must be hazy. This is exact what will be if you got scratched cornea. If you have any injury in eyes, excessive usage of contact lenses, foreign object getting in eyes, or rubbing eyes when they are irritated, you properly will get scratched cornea. If you got scratched cornea, you might develop symptoms like sensitivity to light, swollen eyes, constant tearing and vision blurred. It can lead to vision lost due to swelling of cornea. Eyes are the most sensitive organ of our body. They are also the easiest to get hurt. Once you got eyes injured, the first thing you should do is going to see your oculist. For scratched cornea, if you could apply proper and timely treatment, you will not go blind. Many people in the world are suffering from cornea problem. Injured, irritated or diseased cornea can make you lose your vision for ever. And many people in world are waiting for cornea donation to save their sight. So you need to protect your eyes really well.