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Can a scratched eye cause blurred vision?

I have got scratched eyes. Can i also feel vision blurry. Why? Can a scratched eye cause blurred vision?
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  • walkersrarest


    Well, it seems that there is something wrong with your eyes, so sorry to hear that. As you can see some scratched eyes could equal what we call corneal abrasion, which is quite terrible. So, once your eyes are scratched, it would not be uncommon for you to have blurred vision because the injury would impair your vision and pupil. So, I advise you to see a doctor and get some treatment.
  • big john


    Yes. I feel so sorry for your scratched eyes. I know that you must have the feeling of something in your eyes which really make you uncomfortable, even painful. This condition may occur if your surface layer of the cornea is broken, that is, a speck that gets into the eye and is not flushed out quickly and children can injure their corneas by accidentally scratching their eyes. Well, on the one hand ,we should get much information about scratched eyes; on the other hand, we must learn about its signs. But what are scratched eyes signs? My answers are as follow: excessive tearing, redness of the white of the eye and sometimes pain, sensitive to light. While the most prominent symptom is that patients always feel something in eyes. Sum up, scratched eyes really are harmful to eyes and cause some eye problems, such as red eye and eye pain, blurred vision.
  • Joan


    It is possible to get vision blurred because of scratched eyes. Blurry vision could be caused by various injuries or trauma to eyes, eye conditions, disorders and so on. Components of eyes are soft and delicate. They are easy to get injured. When you scratched your eyes, you must get them injured which caused your blurred vision. If it is not serious, you don't have to worry too much. Because many cases might lead to vision blurred. Working too long, dry eyes and irritation could cause it too. Sometimes this problem just resolved without other treatment. Yet if it is a long term symptom, and you didn't find any other outward causes for it (for example the scratched eyes), you need to go to hospital for more check, and find out if any underlying root for it.