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Does nina dobrev wear contacts?

Nina dobrev looks amazing. Does anyone know if she wears contact lenses?
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  • Jon


    Well, as you can see Nina dobrev is one of the sexiest actresses in the world and she is famous for her role in Vampier Diaries. Anyway, she originally has got a pair of black eyes,however, as we can see, sometimes she would like to wear contact lenses with colors in order to appear more attractive, such as blue contact lenses. In a word, her contact lenses are quite common nowadays.
  • Josh


    Yes, it is said that Nina dobrev wears the colored contact lenses which make her look so charming and beautiful at the eyes. Actually the role of the contact lenses is great which will improve your whole look. That is why a lot of girls now tend to wear the contact lenses to make them look more beautiful. They regard the contact lenses as the accessories to increase the sense of beauty.