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What causes under eye area to become dark ?

It is so strange that the skin under my eyes become dark. What causes it? Is there anyway to reduce the dark circles under eyes?
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  • Isabelle


    Lack of sleep may cause the dark circles under your eyes, so you have to sleep earlier, if you want to get rid of it. Try to get the amount of sleep you need. Then, insist getting enough sleep regularly for a couple of weeks to see if that helps. Also in my opinion, you should remove all the eye makeup before you go to bed, Or your eyes can look much more tired on a daily basis because the eye-makeup residual is bad for the skin.
  • Elijah walker


    Dark circles is one of the most common problems that people notice around their eyes, especially when exacerbated by lack of sleep, so you'd better go to bed earlier. Moreover, Cucumbers are almost 95 per cent water and this will not only soothe the dark bags underneath your eyes, they will moisturize the area too. These just my suggestions, I hope they will help you to some degree.