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Can you get pink eye from saliva when you are kissing?

I know that pink eyes are contagious. But i wonder if people get pink eyes after kissing with someone with pink eyes?
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  • Eugenia W.


    Well, as you can see, pink eyes is highly contagious and could be easily carried to another person, if not properly handled. Generally speaking, there is high potential that pink eyes maybe transmitted to your partner by kissing, because the bacteria will somehow be spread all over the patient's face or lips. Anyway, I suggest that the patient stay away from other people until he is recovered.
  • Anna


    Yes, you will also get pink eyes if you kiss someone who is with the pink eyes because the pink eyes are contagious. The commonly known pink eye is infectious conjunctivitis, which is an acute infectious ophthalmia. It can be caused by different causes. The main two reasons are bacterial conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis. And the clinical symptoms are similar, with red eyes and stinky eyes. It can be easily happened in spring which is infected through contacting with people with eye disease. The viral conjunctivities will make you get the pink eyes through the near distance touch with each other. Thus, you'd better keep the distance with the person with pink eyes.
  • Marissa


    Yes, people may get pink eyes if he or she kisses someone with pink eyes. Pink eye is a common acute prevailing conjunctivitis, which is given rise to by germs infection. It has the characteristics of acute morbidity and high contagiosity. The main route of transmission of pink eyes is through touch. Assume that a person touches the things with the eye gums or tears of someone with pink eyes, such as towel, handkerchief, washbasin, water, etc. or he shakes hands with someone with pink eyes and then rub his eyes with his hands, then he can be contagious with pink eyes. Therefore, when kissing someone with pink eyes, people could get pink eyes if they are unlucky enough to touch their eye secretion.