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Where can i buy black sclera contact lenses?

I look for black sclera contact lenses for fun. Can you tell me where can i get it? Are they expensive?
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  • Isabelle


    My friend has just bought the black sclera contact lenses from the amazon. The price is not that high. She buys the good type with high water content for $ 145. If you want to buy one, you could go to the online stores to have a search. The price must be cheaper than those in the real stores.
  • Connor nelson


    Well, personally, I find those contact lenses scary and awful. However, they are quite amazing and kind of novelty. To be honest, there are a lot of options for you to choose. For example, you can find them at Walmart, where a wide range of contacts of different types gather round. Or you could have a look at some online stores, such as eBay and Aliabad, both of which are quite amazing.

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