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Kyle owen


How can i tell if my eyes are jaundiced?

What the symptoms of jaundice? How can i tell if my eyes are jaundiced?
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  • Mr.saleem


    How to check eyes
  • Bruce Robot


    The main symptom of jaundice is that your eyes will show the yellow color. Jaundice is commonly known as yellow disease, which is a kind of serum bilirubin rise. It can make the skin mucous membrane and sclera. Usually, the blood bilirubin concentration is higher than 2-3 mg/dL. And the part will be observed easily because it is the discernible color. The yellow signs and symptoms in the eyes will show out the jaundice. Some liver disease, gallbladder disease and hemopathy often cause the jaundice. If your eyes show the yellow part, you will probably get the jaundice. You'd better go to see the doctor and accept the treatment through the medical care.
  • cecil


    As usual, there are many ways to tell you if you have the jaundiced eyes. First of all and also the easiest way for you is going to the hospital and ask the doctors to check whether you have the jaundiced eyes or not. Besides, you can by yourself check the white area, that is to say, if the white area is still white, then there is no need to worry; if the white area became yellow or are becoming yellow, I think you should know the result. At the same time, you can just check whether your bilirubin level is normal, if you found your bilirubin level is above 3.0, then there are likely for you to have the jaundiced eyes, because jaundice always appears when the bilirubin level is above 3.0. Hope my suggestion is helpful for you and have a nice day.
  • CeCe Bazel


    The symptoms of jaundice are eyes, the whole body and urinate turning yellow, among which the yellow eyes is the main feature. But in the preliminary stage of suffering jaundice, the symptoms of eyes and the whole body turning yellow may not manifest, it may manifest the symptoms of a serious cold, a fever, having a poor appetite, feeling like vomiting, abdominal distension, languid limbs, which resemble the symptoms of a common cold. Three or five days later, the eyes gradually turn yellow, subsequently the urine and the whole body turn yellow. Also, some may feel pain in the upper rib and then turn yellow. Those who suffer acute jaundice can feel intense heat and dizzy or even the epistaxis hematochezia. The course of the disease can be short or long and the degree of jaundice can be shallow or deep, the color can be bright or gloomy, the acute jaundice manifests the golden color.