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Jackson raphael


Can a lazy eye with 6/18 visual acuity affect academic performance?

Say one eye has visual acuity of 6/18 and the other is 6/9 but the one with 6/18 is lazy. Can this affect academic performance or any part of it?
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  • Kimberly


    Sweetie, I suggest you to buy a pair of prescription glasses according to your prescription. They can help correct your vision problems. Or you can consult an eye doctor to ask some ways to treat with your lazy eye. There are many kids who have a lazy eye but they can still doing well because they can see their lessons clearly. So you don't need to worry about this as long as the other eye can work well.
  • evet


    You can wear a pair of glasses to help correct your vision problems. So that eye won't affect your academic performance anymore.
  • Marissa george


    Dude, I only have one eye. But this doesn't affect me. So you don't need to worry about that.
  • Aimee


    Maybe your vision problems will affect your study if the other eye can't see the blackboard clearly. But you can wear a pair of glasses to help solve your problems. I know many people who have vision problems can perform well in school. So I think if you pay enough attention to your academic, you can learn it well.