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Does hemorrhoid cream work for dark circles under eyes?

Can i use hemorrhoid cream to help my dark circles under eyes? Does it work? Why?
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  • arnold


    You'd better not use the hemorrhoid cream to help your dark circles under eyes which could be used in the special part to reduce the hemorrhoid problems. It will break the stasis hemostatic and convergence of analgesic agent. It attends the anus swelling and pain, bleeding disease. In addition, it can be used in the treatment of burn along the anal edge form skin proud. If you get tired or excessive friction which may cause skin proud, swelling and pain, you could use it. Due to the large intestine dry knot, waste hard and damage of the anus, it may cause anal cleft bleeding, unbearable pain and even poison and swollen maturation. This is what the hemorrhoid cream works. You could just use the oil essentials to adopt on the skin around the eyes to reduce the dark circles under the eyes which could also make your eyes skin become smooth.
  • Erin rupert


    Well, yes, it can help to reduce dark circles under eyes. For example, you can start by washing your face, then blot it dry and apply the cream to the area. It has been proved that the cream will shrink the swollen tissue causing the eye issues. By the way, you should know that sesame oil contain a lot of nutrients such as vitamin e which are good for the dark circles under eyes. So you can have some Moisturizers containing sesame, avocado oil, Vitamin E and K, so that it can lessen the appearance of dark circles.
  • Mort


    It sounds really weird, but it indeed works. Many people recommend to use the hemorrhage cream to reduce dark circles and bags under eyes. To know why, we first need to know what causes dark circles under eyes. Poor sleeping, aging, dehydration, too much smoking, alcohol or caffeine, trauma and so on. All these possibilities will cause capillaries broken under eyes which discolorate the skin under eyes for blood condensed under skin. Hemorrhoid cream is usually very good for skin. It contains components as yeast and liver oil, which could moisturize skin and restore the color of skin. And it could help reduce puffiness and inflammation. Apply some hemorrhoid cream under eyes with some massage, you can promote the blood flow and circulation around eyes, tighten the skin and reduce the discoloration caused by hemorrhage under skin, and also help absorb moist. If you don't accept it as eye cream, you can use some other methods to reduce your dark circles too, for example, cool tea bags, cucumber slices, cool spoon or massage with other nutrition oil. Yet the number one choice for you is to take a beauty and good sleeping.

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