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Myra Taylor


Where can i get contacts that look like snake eyes?

I am looking for colored contact lenses that can make my eyes look like snake eyes. Can you tell me where can i get it?
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  • Theron


    The contact lenses that make the eyes look like the snake eyes are so attractive and charming. This kind of contact lenses will be so sexy when you wear it. If you want to buy one, you could go to the online store to have a search. You'd better go to the online stores with good reputation and buy the suitable one. You could go to the ebay or amazon to buy one with the suitable price.
  • Connor


    Lots of glasses retailers offer colored cosmetic contact lenses, you can purchase one in a real store at any department store. The shop assistant will offer lots of color for you to choose. Or you can choose shop online, ebay and amazon both provide colored cosmetic contact lenses you want. And there are lots of glasses retailer operate their official website to sell glasses, they have colored cosmetic contact lenses as well.
  • crockettcastle


    Oh, it sounds like that you are not happy with the ordinary life, and just want to make a change and get some excitement right? Anyway, there are some good places you should consider. I would recommend Amazon or Alibaba, both of which are online shopping sites with lots of good special contact lenses, and those lenses would give you the desired effect any time. And luckily, their prices are quite affordable but you should not wear them for too long.