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Melissa duncan


Does blepharitis cause eye floaters ?

I have blepharitis. But in recent days, i can also see eye floaters now and then. Does blepharitis cause eye floaters ?
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  • Andrew bell


    Yes, the blepharitis will cause the eye floaters because of the coming bacteruym. You could do the care for the eyes to prevent the eye floaters. Blepharitis is the chronic inflammation in the blepharitis skin and eyelash root. It has a tendency to recur. It is often caused by chronic conjunctivitis, refractive error, long-term stimulation of dusty or irritating gas. Even the weak body will cause such eye disease. The eye floaters may be caused by the lack of water in the eyes. It is the dryness that causes the blepharitis easily. You should use eye drops to get rid of the inflammation symptom. At the same time, you could make the eyes get moisture. You'd better take the medical care for the blepharitis and eye floaters which will cure them quickly.
  • ecxsrkes


    Well, in my opinion, blepharitis may cause eye floaters in your eyes. As we know that blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids that can also involve the surface of the eye. And according to the research, it is one of the most common eye infections and often extremely irritating. Because it can lead to the eye infection and the disorder to the eyes, it can cause eye floaters. To treat the floaters, there are many ways. You should find out the reason why your eyes are infected, so that you can heal your floaters. And also you can have a surgery. Water and vitamin rich vegetables are also important.
  • chris_nubelle


    Well, it seems that there is something wrong with your eyes, and as a matter of fact, blepharitis is quite serious and could give rise to an awful lot of impacts on your eyes, including floaters. Because blepharitis is infectious and affect the nerves of your eyes, leading to some stars in front of your eyes. So, you need to pay due attention to your blepharitis, sometimes it could lead to some terrible problems.

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