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Are green eyes hereditary?

I have green eyes. Will my baby be born with green eyes?
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  • Sara


    The color of eyes is fixed according to the genetic endowment. If you have the green eyes, your baby will be born with green eyes at the high possibility. However, your partner will decide the color of eyes of your baby too. You should also take the color of your partner's eyes into consideration too.
  • Olavi


    It seems that you are quite into this particular question. And I really appreciate the color of your eyes you know, really charming. So, the possibility that the baby will have the same color with you is high. However, it is not necessarily hereditary you know? Because the chromosome type, which determines the color of the eyes would be changed due to some special reasons.
  • walksal0ne


    Of course, the green eyes are hereditary. Yet it is hard to tell will your baby born with green eyes or not, because that the eye color of your baby's father could affect the baby's eye color too. Different eye color is happen because of the different genetic which will lead to the amount and patterns of pigment. The DNA of the baby received from its parents will determine its eyes color. Because your eyes are green, so we could say that there is a possibility that your baby will born with green eyes.

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