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Is glaucoma hereditary?

Is glaucoma hereditary? Is there anyway to prevent glaucoma?
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  • Katelyn smith


    Well, generally speaking, not all the glaucoma is hereditary. As we know that glaucoma actually is related to a group of diseases and it can cause damage to the optic nerve as a result of increased pressure within the eye. And for the causes, it can be caused by a severe eye infection, injury, blocked blood vessels or inflammatory conditions of the eye. Also, it can be hereditary. But on the other hand, not all the glaucoma is hereditary. For you, you can try to use some lutein, which can improve visual function in dry eyes sufferers and may slow the progression of the dry eyes. Besides, Lutein is a pigment that you can find in many foods. So you can have a try. By the way, drinking more water and eating fruits are also important.
  • hands4god


    It seems that you concern a lot about this particular question. So, according to large amount of clinical cases and research on this field, scientists concluded that glaucoma is hereditary, but this is only confined to some particular types of glaucoma, and the possibility is certain. It also depends on the fortune of the heirs. So, indeed there are some ways to prevent, I mean, you need to take the younger generation to get some professional examination on a regular basis and take some actions.


    Not all glaucoma is hereditary. Glaucoma is a kind of disease which happens quickly at any time and lead to blindness. This common eye disease has many complicated features. It is the intraocular pressure that intermittently or persistently rise which is more than the level of the eye can tolerate. It will to some extent damage all parts of eyeball organization and visual function, leading to optic atrophy vision and decreasing visual acuity. The blindness will just be happened sooner or later. If you don't treat it in acute seizure phase 24 to 48 hours, it can completely become the blind glaucoma eyes of venereal change. If this eye disease is happened among the little children under 3 years old, they will get the progressive eyes when they grow up. This eye disease is often happened among the old people. There are many ways to prevent it. You should keep the good mood, with no fluctuation in blood pressure. Then you should add more vitamins B. You should keep on exercising. You should also have the good sleep every day. You should also work overtime which will be bad for the eyes.