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Can blepharitis cause puffy eyes?

Is it possible to get puffy eyes because of blepharitis? Why or why not?
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  • Dylan duncan


    Yes, it is possible for you to get puffy eyes because of blepharitis. Blepharitis is the chronic inflammation in the blepharitis skin and eyelash root. It has a tendency to recur. It is often caused by chronic conjunctivitis, refractive error, long-term stimulation of dusty or irritating gas. Even the weak body will cause such eye disease. The inflammation will easily cause the puffy eyes. You should better take good care of the eyes. You should not eat the spicy food, smoke and drink these days. You are strongly suggested to go to the hospital to have a full check on the eyes. You could take the medical care to cure the blepharitis fully.About the puffy eyes, you could use the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to let the eyes get release. You could also use the eye drops to release the symptom.
  • John C.


    Well, yes, blephariti can cause puffy eyes, in some degree. Generally speaking, blephariti is inflammation which occurs in the part of the eyelid. And also, Blephariti will occur if the small oil glands near the base of the eyelashes don't work properly, with a bacterial infection or some complication of a skin condition. At that moment, the eyes can become red, irritated and itchy. In some cases, it can also lead to puffy eyes and blurred vision. In other words, we can say that it is related to the irritation. So just be careful about the dirty things around you, and try to protect your eyes from them.
  • Collin Wallace


    Well, sorry to hear that you have got blepharitis. So, as a matter of fact, sometimes blepharitis could give rise to a lot of serious problems, one of them is puffy eyes which looks very bad. Because blepharitis is quite serious and infectious, it could affect the area around your eyelid. Generally speaking, puffy eyes could be fixed as long as you take some timely and effective measures to deal with it.