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Hunter jackson


Does anyone know any good home remedy to make eyelashes grow?

My eyelashes are so short. That upset me. Even if i use mascara, it seems still short. Do you know any good home remedy to make eyelashes grow? Please help me.
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  • harris


    The long eyelashes will be looked beautiful. You could use the vitamin E to make the eyelashes grow again. You could adopt the vitamin e on the surface of the eyelashes. Before that, you'd better use the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to make the eyelashes become meek. Then you will see the effect of the growing eyelashes.
  • hands4god


    Thick and long eyelashes not only protect your eyes, but also highlight and enhance your beauty. Although heredity may determine the length of your eyelashes, but you can still take some measures to protect and nourish the eyelashes to make them grow longer and thicker. Some natural home remedies are quite effective and simple, and they contains rich and nourishing ingredients that help your eyelashes grow again. Before using any home remedy, make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients, and be careful not to get any of the substances into your eyes. First, castor oil and olive oil have a pulling effect that stimulate eyelashes grow. Second, trimming method can also further stimulate follicles to help eyelash regrowth. Third, take vitamin supplements to promote eyelashes grow with rich nutrition vitamin E, C, which are beneficial to lashes growth. Fourth, apply cool, unsweetened green tea to your lashes with a cotton ball to take advantage of green tea's beneficial properties. Fifth, you can enrich your diet to make sure you are getting the right nutrients and vitamins to promote eyelash growth such as high-protein meat, fish, chicken, as well as dark green leafy vegetables.