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Megan W


I have a squiggly line with lil round black spot on my eyes. Can you tell me what's this?

In the past couple months, I have been experiencing with my left eye. I do have astigmatism..But now I have a squiggly line with round black spot on it someways. Its clear as bell bit others its blurred..Can you tell me what this could be and what to do about it?
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  • cazzeh


    You may suffer from eye floaters. Eye floaters are tiny clumps of dead cells which originally come from the layers of tissue at the back of the eye and "float" about in the fluid in the center of the eyeball itself. Some of them are squiggly lines but some of them look like black spots in your vision. Eye floaters are very common. They are harmless. Many people just learn to ignore them.
  • chemicalumnesnt


    I suggest you to have your eyes checked by an eye doctor immediately. You said there are black spot on your eyes. I think it might be a mole or it might be a sign of some eye problems. But maybe they are just floaters. But floaters are squiggly lines or black spot on your vision other than on your eyes. So other people can't see them.