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Welcome to a staring contest. How long can you go without blinking?

Have you ever tried staring contests before? How long can you go without blinking?
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  • Hunter rose


    I tried that when I was in high school. My friends challenged me in doing that. But I when I was staring at him, I wanted to laugh. And I just kept 5 minutes. After that I found there were tears in my eyes. And my eyes were itching. I blinked them for several seconds and gave them a good rubbing.
  • Josh


    I can keep my eyes open widely without blinking for about 15 minutes. I have tried that before. But after close my eyes, I found that my eyes ache for about a minute. I don't know why. Maybe less blinking will lead to dryness. Our eyes should be moist all the time.


    We will blink our eyes unconsciously because we need to keep our eyes lubricated. Maybe we have all challenged our friends to staring contests when we were young. Though I haven't found the point of doing this, Australians are interested in this activity. They hold a competition which was called "So You Think You Can Stare". It is said that one winner can go 40 minutes and 59 seconds without closing his eyelids. It's so crazy!
  • Robert


    Not only people are interested in the staring contest, animals also like to do this kind of things. Two famous felines came to face to face for the first time in the five day 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival in Minnesota. Their owner introduced them to us. They are the naturally disgruntled looking Grumpy cat and her cuter counterpart Lil Bub. You can find a video online which will show you the furry females having a stare off.
  • Daniel


  • Tina


    I have done a contest and a staring contest so I bet I will win if I did 1
  • Tristiono Taylorz


    Yes 1:23