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Brandon cook


My helmet makes my glasses foggy. What can I do?

I have mild myopia. My helmet makes my glasses foggy but I need glasses for snowmobiling. Do you have any good suggestions?
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  • chrisss_129


    You can wear a pair of contacts. But if you are not a current contact user, inserting and removing contact lenses may be a little difficult in the beginning. If you find it difficult to put on or take off contacts, you must practice it for several times. You can practice touching the white of your eyes to reduce the blink reflex. And then you can put on or take off them more easily. Hope this helped! Good luck!
  • EDWIN Caster


    I think most of us will suffer from this especially in winter. My uncle has a motorcycle. There is fog on his helmet when he is driving on the way. It is very dangerous to wipe out the fog when he is driving. If he doesn't use the helmet, it is very cold in the outside. And he will have pernio on his ears. So he wears a hat which looks like the robbers often use. Though it looks a little ugly, it does work.
  • Jacqueline warren


    I think you can wear a pair of goggle. This kind of glasses can protect your eyes and will not have fog on the lenses. Many people will use them for skiing. And you can wear a hat that can wrap your head and keep you warm. Hope this helped!
  • Catherine williams


    I think you can wear a pair of prescription sunglasses. The prescription sunglasses can help correct your vision problems. And they have bigger lenses which can keep out the wind for your eyes. You won't have fog on your lenses as long as you separate the lenses with your helmet. And they can help filter the harsh reflective glare from the snow and provide you with clear vision. But I also know that the helmet can better protect our head when we are doing some intense exercise. If you use a soft hat to replace the helmet, it can be very dangerous. So you should consider about this point too.
  • Victor Lee


    Wearing contacts is the best way to avoid fog. Otherwise, you'll have to get lasik eye surgery.
  • Kim Cheveau


    Wipe a little bit of fairy liquid on the lense