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Jordan owen


Is coconut oil good for eye wrinkles?

I heard that coconut oil can help eye wrinkles. Is that true? How can coconut oil work on eye wrinkles?
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  • Elizabeth Elizabeth


    Wrinkles can occur anywhere on your face %u2013 around the mouth, forehead furrows, and around the eyes. Though there are various cosmetic treatments to reduce wrinkles, coconut oil is the safest way to go. It boosts the production of collagen and encourages the regeneration of cells in your skin.Use coconut oil on the area around your eyes to prevent wrinkles and under-eye bags. Apply coconut oil to blemishes, and leave it on for about 15 minutes.
  • b1wdancer23


    Yes, sometimes eye wrinkles are so annoying that they affect our looks and make us appear to be aged. Anyway, we must fight back. To some extent, coconut oil is helpful because there are natural essence inside. However, here I recommend retin A, which has been used in making eye cream, and extremely effective. Also, you have to care about your diet and your rest. Good luck!
  • Katelyn


    Under eye wrinkles are small lines or wrinkles in the skin around the eyes, and eye wrinkles are most commonly due to being folded, laughing, squinting or rubbing of the eye. As we all known that the skin around the eye area is the most sensitive skin on the face. Any poor quality face cream can damage the organs under skin and make bad effects on skin which lead to getting older faster. So we should try our best to protect our skin, especially these under eyes. And I made a deep search online and found coconut oil does really work on eye wrinkles because they can supply the essential water and nutrients on eye skin. Meanwhile they also can prevent skin from drying. By the way, cucumber is also good for eye wrinkles. They can supply a large amount of vitamins which can keep our eyes fresh and wet.

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