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Kevin percy


Can pink eye be spread through the air?

I heard that pink eyes is contagious. So, i wonder if pink eyes can spreads through the air. Or how pink eyes transmit to others?
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  • chemicalumnesnt


    Pink eye is most commonly due to an infection. Well, pink eye has another name that is conjuntivitis and pink eye has several kinds, they are: allergic conjunctivitis; bacterial conjunctivitis; viral conjunctivitis; chemical conjunctivitis and neonatal conjunctivitis. While bacterial conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis are the most commonly ones. I made a deep search online and found that pink eye is not possible to be spread through the air. I also asked my brother-in- law, a doctor, who told me that pink eye is hardly to be spread through the air.
  • Noah


    No. Although pink eyes is contagious. But it won't transmit through air. It usually transmit through some subject. For example, if you share towel, eye shades, eyeliners, mascara, eyeglasses as well as eye drops with people suffering pink eyes, you may get pink eyes, too. So, you needn't worry too much. Just keep remember that not share articles for daily use with pink eyed eyes. Good luck.
  • b2sweet16


    Although the pink eyes are contagious, it will not spread through the air. However, you should keep the distance from the ones with pink eyes. You should not share the personal things with him, especially like the cloth. You should also take notice of the public place in spring which is the hot season with lots of bacterium. When you go swimming in the public swimming pool, you'd better wear the protected goggles to prevent your eyes from the contagious bacterium. You don't get near with people with pink eyes. When you get the pink eyes, you'd better use the eye drops to release the symptom and stay at home to treat it carefully through the diet and good sleep.