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What is the best brand of extended wear contact lenses?

I heard that extend wear contact lenses are really wonderful. So, i want to buy have a try. But can you tell me what is the best brand of extend wear contact lenses?
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  • charger101


    Ok, I can see that you are quite interested in wearing contact lenses on a regular basis, thus, what you should get is something of quality and nice duration. Anyway, there are lots of options available on the market, however, I would like to recommend Baushe and Lomb or Johnson and Johnson, both of them provide good extended wear contacts and they could be reliable. You could get a lot of them from Walmart vision center or Amazon, typically their prices are reasonable.
  • Joshua?


    I don't know what is the best brands of extend wear contact lenses since i didn't wear them. But as far as i know, there are two brands of that are proved for up to use 30 days. They are Air Optix Night & Day (CIBA Vision) and PureVision (Bausch + Lomb). Maybe you can try out yourself. Good luck.
  • cowboyfrom666


    There are many different brands of the extended wear contact lenses in the market. In my opinion, the Acuvue's extended wear contact lenses are so good. The quality is so good that could be worn before the expired time. The comfortable feeling could be got after wearing it. If you want to buy one, you could go to the online store to buy one.
  • Jessica


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