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Does vaseline help eyelashes grow

Is it true that vaseline can help eyelashes grow? How?
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  • ct_exposed


    Vaseline does can help eyelashes grow because it contains vitamin E which is the most vital factor for eyelashes grow. You can paste a little vaseline on your eyelashes every night before your sleep. I suggest you to use olive oil and vitamin liquid mixture as the facilitator. Or eat more sesame in your daily life, your eyelashes can grow very soon. However, they'll stay at a certain length then stop growing anymore.
  • David Safir


    The vaseline will help eyelashes grow because of the moisture function. It is very stable. After eating it, it's not digested and absorbed. It has no harm to human. It is characteristic in colorless, tasteless, transparent, jelly form liquid, non-toxic and sweet taste. It can be dissolved in water. It can keep the skin moisture. The intravenous injection can reduce blood pressure and cranial pressure. It can pass into the intestinal which owns bowel movement. The vaseline will moisture your skin. That is the main reason that causes your eyelashes to grow again. You could also use it to make your hands or other parts of the skin become smooth and bright. If you want to make the eyelashes grow, you could use to adopt the vitamin e on the surface of the eyes which will be so effective.