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Are downturned eyes ugly?

What's your opinion on downturned eyes ? Do you think people with downturned eyes ugly?
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  • christ_band04


    You have to know people have different opinions on a same case. So it's hard to say. For me, I really don't think downturned eyes are ugly. And I think people look good when they are confident. A plain look girl can be supper charming when she is full of confidence. But makeup can be helpful if people do feel uncomfortable with downturned eyes. However, it's better to admit that maybe someone dislikes downturned eyes, then you can never be hurt by hearing that.
  • Thomas keith


    Well, it depends. Usually the downturned eyes slant down at the end, and the downturned eyes have a tendency to make people look a little sad, but it also makes people very innocent. For example, Hugh Grant has downturned eyes and he's considered handsome and sexy by so many women. If you don't like your downturned eyes and want to make your downturned eyes less noticeable, you can try to do some makeup to "correct the eye shape" and "lift your eyes. Basically make all the makeup on the outer edge of your eye go up, rather than follow the line of your lid. And don't wear shadow under your eyeand avoid super-bright or super-dark makeup colors. Afterall,makeup will correct your downturned eyes and enhance your beauty.
  • Joshua arnold


    The downturned eyes will not look beautiful. However you could do the makeup to beautify it and make it look perfect through the use of the eyeliner or the eye shadow or other things. After doing the make up at the eyes, you will have the perfect look. You could have a try to make your eyes look beautiful.

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