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Are the eyes connected to the brain?

I just want to know if eyes connected to the brain? How can brain affect on the eyes?
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  • Allison leslie


    Indeed, eyes are connected to the brain through the optical nerve. Once the eyes pick up the light, two different nerve fibers in the retina carry the impulses of the information and the brain reads the information in the visual projection area and the visual association area so that a complete picture of all the images forms.
  • bell


    Yes, eyes are connected to the brain, and they are connected as followed. First, the eye interprets the light that reflects on objects and gives the signals to the brain. Then your brain can pick up the faint light signals, such as dim light. At last, the brain can interprets the information and give actions to eyes.
  • andrew


    Yes, eyes are connected with brain, functionally and physically. There are two kinds of cells in eyes, named as rodes and cones after their shape. Rode are good at picking up faint light signals, while cones can pick up a wide rang of colors and they are very good at reading details. Light travels into eyes and get focused on the retina. It transmit the light to the brain as electrical impulses through optical nerves. Optical nerves are also known as cranial nerve 2, which is responsible for transmitting visual signals to the brain. It is considered to be part of the central nerve system, connecting eyes and brain. As to impact that brain could bring to eyes, there are too much to say. We know that brain is the central command of human body. It controls every movement we make, as simple as blink, turning eyeball, walking, talking, thinking and understanding. Once the brain is diseased, it surely will impact our body. This is why a stroke could cause vision impairment.