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Why do you have pain behind eyes when lying down ?

I have pain behind eyes when lying down. What's wrong with my eyes? What causes the pain behind my eyes?
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  • etilnus


    Dear, sometimes we will get pain behind our eyes caused by eye strain. If we use our eyes for a long time, we may feel the pain around our eyes and sometimes even in our eyes. We couldn't feel the pain when we were working because we focused our attention on our work. But after finishing the work, we lay down for some rest and felt the pain behind our eyes and other part of our body.
  • Melanie


    If your sinuses become clogged, you may feel deep pain and pressure between your eyes. We usually call this sinus headache. I think you must see an eye doctor immediately for sinus headaches can be hard to treat if it goes to severe. But maybe your pain was not caused by sinus headache. You'd better have your eyes checked first. Good luck!
  • Anthony cecil


    Did you have your eyes hurt by someone or something? Usually we won't have pain behind our eyes except that they are hurt. I think you'd better get a right diagnosis right now. The doctor can help you to figure out the possible causes of your pain. I have been to Todays Vision Pasadena for several times. The doctor and the stuffs are very friendly. Hope they can help you.
  • Jose


    Usually sinus headaches may cause pain behind and between the eyes. You may suffer from pain above your nose. When you are lying down or bending, the pain will get worse with those movements. However, if you only have pain behind your eyes, it can be caused by other reasons. So I suggest you to have your eyes checked by an eye doctor.

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