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How do you give yourself pink eye ?

I just want to know what causes pink eyes? How can i get myself pink eyes? And is there any way that can prevent pink eyes in our daily life?
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  • crusanov


    Usually the pink eyes are caused by the coming bacterium which is invisible or the infection from the people with pink eyes because of the contagious character. In the medical way, the pinkeye acute catarrhal conjunctivitis is the main route of transmission. That is to say it can be transmitted through contact. It is often through contact with secretions, from patients with eye or the touched tears objects which include towel, handkerchief, wash basin water and so on. You may contact with person with pink eyes and share him or her with one of the above objects. In order to prevent the pink eyes in the daily life, you should be away from the person with pink eyes. You should also keep the good habit of life and using of your eyes. You should not use computer for a long time with little rest which will cause the infection for the eyes which may easily cause the pink eyes. You should also use the eye drops to get rid of the bacterium in the eyes and make your eyes get clear.
  • walgru


    Pink eye is a kind of contagious eye disease. It can be caused by exposing to bacteria, virus, allergy, mold and the spreading of inflammation of the nearby tissue. To treat pink eye, you need to use some Antibiotic Ointment and eye drops. Oral antibiotic may be taken if your pink eye is very severe. If you find yourself having pink eyes, take measures immediately. It is important to quarantine pink eye patient, which means pink eye patient should use his own tableware, towel and other stuffs. To prevent infecting pink eye, you should keep their house dry, clean and usually sundry quilts and clothes. By the way, you should keep their hands clean and do not rub eyes as well.
  • Robert Lipman


    Well, I have to admit , your question is very good, because pink eyes could be of great trouble to all of us, giving rise to a lot of uncomfort and symptoms to us, such as watery eyes, itchy eyes, excessive eye discharge,etc,. Thus, you should try to protect your eyes by making clean and proper use of your eyes, getting healthy foods and take exercise. Also, try not to use other people's eye drops, and avoid close contact. I recommend that you do not do anything stupid to get pink eyes on purpose ok?