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Are high index lenses scratch resistant

I have strong prescription. So, i plan to buy high index lenses to fill my eyeglasses. But i just want to know if the high index lenses are scratch resistant? Or i need add special coating to protect the lenses?
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  • hall


    No, high index lenses are thinner and lighter, but they are not scratch resistant. You need a special scratch resist coating. High index lenses are often for heavy prescription, because when people have heavy prescription, ordinary lenses will be really thick. They can only have full frame. But if they choose high index lenses, they have a wider range of choice like semi-rimed frame and rimless frame.
  • Mackenzie raphael


    If you want to make your high index lenses are scratch resistant, you'd better choose the resin lens which has high quality. At the same time, you'd better choose the resin lens with not ball shape which could make your high prescription lenses make not that thick. It could also be light at the whole lenses. You could take this good material one into consideration.
  • Sara scott


    Today, most lenses are made of polycarbonate and Trivex having a built-in scratch-resistant coating. So you need to check this propority before you buy them. It is wise to choose a high index lenses when your have a strong eyeglass prescription. As we all know, the stronger the prescription, the thicker the edges. Further, it not only push down on your nose, but also affect your image. You can make your choice with the help of your eye care practitioner based on your needs and budget. Also, generally speaking, he/she will advise a anti-reflective coating. I chose it because it has a magic point, that is to say, it can be invisible when at dark night due to AR coating virtually eliminates lens reflections. And then others may see your eyes, not your lenses. It is amazing, isn’t it? Avoid buying the cheap ones, which lead to distractions and night vision clarity reduction. As for the brand, your optionist will have some good ideas. Have a good day.
  • Victor


    Nowadays, high index lenses are usually processed with scratch resistant coatings. So you just need to check this point when buying. So you won't need to add special coating in most cases.

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