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Is it ok to store contacts in rewetting drops ?

I have run out of my contact solution. Can i just keep my contact lenses in rewetting drops? Any idea?
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  • Daniel gerard


    You cannot keep your contact lenses in the rewetting drops. Rewetting drops, as the name suggests, rewet the contact lenses after the wearer has stayed in dry environment for a long time. They can also be used to relieve chronic contact lenses dryness and irritation. There are great many differences between rewetting drops and contact solution, the most important of which is that there is no sanitizing agent in rewetting drops. So the rewetting drops cannot cleanse and disinfect the contact lenses. However, it is ok for you to use rewetting drops as a temporary substitute for contact solution when you run out of it. For the health of your eyes, I suggest you buy a bottle of contact solutions as soon as possible.
  • campbell


    Sometimes, we forget to bring contact solution when we go out for a trip or do not buy some new contact solution when we run out of it. For this condition, rewetting drops are recommended for us. From my point of view, rewetting drops can solve the problems to keep our eyes moist in some certain. They are great for increasing the comfort and performance of your contact lenses, However, rewetting drops can not make our contacts clean. They are the ideal choice for our eyes if we have no way to keep our eyes comfortable. It depends on yourselves. If you want to buy some rewetting drops to avoid the embarrassed condition, you could buy some bottles in online stores, such as amazon, eBay, alibaba, they are the authoritative online stores, and the reasonable price are provided for you. Best wishes.
  • Erin


    No, you should buy the contact solution, instead of keeping the contact lenses in rewetting drops. The contact solution has the role of getting rid of the protein on the surface of the contact lenses. However the rewetting solution does not have. You have to put the contact lenses in the solution to get rid of the bacterium. Or else, they are not suitable to wear.
  • Rebecca


    I do not think it is a good idea. The rewetting drops will at least keep your contacts moist, but they will not disinfect or clean your contacts (as the saline solution does). in this way, your eyes will be easily get infected or injured.
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