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How long for vision to stabilize after lasik?

I got blurry vision after i take the lasik surgery. My surgeon said it is normal. So, When can i recover clear vision? And how long for vision to stabilize after lasik?
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  • Eric rupert


    It depends on your eye condition and what lasik surgery you take. I heard some people get stable vision after 7 days. But for me, it about 1 months after my vision as stable. Besides, after the surgery, I also got dry eyes. It's been about a year. I tried many ways but it did not work. So, now, i don't think it is worthy to take the surgery to cure myopia.
  • Jonah


    Dear friend, don't worry! Your blurry vision may be caused by dry eyes. You can consult your eye doctors first. But I think you'd better ask the doctor who performed the surgery for you. There may be some possibility that you may need another enhancement surgery, which can help to sharp your vision.
  • garcia


    Hello! There! if your symptom is not very serious, you can use some artificial tears to moisten your eyeballs. I have an uncle who had lasik eye surgery last year. He had the same symptoms as you had. he just use artificial tears to help solve his problems and it recovered soon. I am sorry that I can't tell you how long your vision will stabilize because different people may have different symptoms to consider. You can trust your surgeon.
  • Zoe


    After surgery, your eyesight may be blurry for a few days and some grittiness may be felt in the eye. It should not be rubbed and the eye drops will relive this sensation. After a few days your eyesight should be good, but it will continue to improve over the forthcoming weeks. Regular eye checks should be scheduled with your eye doctor or surgeon to monitor the progress. Your eyesight will reach its optimum in 3 to 6 months after LASIK surgery although it is usually sooner.
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