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Jada shelley


What are eye floaters and are they dangerous

I can see some black dots in my vision. Some people told me they are floaters. What is eye floater? My mum has a lot of eye floaters. Does eye floater caused by gene? Are they dangerous?
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  • evil_bastardpdx


    Eye floaters are small moving spots in our vision. They are noticeable when we look at something bright, such as blue sky or white paper. I think eye floaters are not caused by gene. Most of us will suffer from eye floaters in our life. They are really annoying but they are harmless if you just got a few of them. Many people choose to ignore them.
  • Warren


    Eye floater is not genetic. If you just have little eye floaters they may improve over months to years. But as to your mum, I think it can be a sign of a more serious condition. Retinal detachments are a kind of very serious disease. But I don't mean that eye floaters will cause the retinal detachment. It is just a sign of a retinal detachment. I suggest you to see eye doctors with your mum.

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