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Why Do People Put Cucumbers on Their Eyes ?

I saw my roommates putting cucumber slices on their eyes. They say that cucumber slices can whiten the skin. Really?
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  • cant_let_him_go


    Today, many people use cucumber slices to whiten their skins and relieve swollen eyes. I often used chilled cucumber slices to relieve my swollen eyes. The coolness can calm down an inflammation and make our eyes fell more comfortable. But I have to persist on doing this every day. I suggest you to have a try for it is very convenient and it really work well on our swollen eyes.
  • crockettcastle


    I know that many people use cucumber slices to get rid of eye bags or swollen eyes. Cucumber slices works as well as tea bags in relieving eye bags under our eyes. But chilled cucumber slices and tea bags will be better. We can also use cucumber slices to take care of our skins. Many people will put cucumber slices on their face for the ingredients in cucumbers can make our skin more white, smooth and moist. You can have a try too.

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