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Edward White


What are the glasses kanye west wears called?

Kanye West often wear glasses and i like his glasses, it's very cool. What are these glasses that he wears. Where can i get them?
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  • Arianna walker


    As far as i could know, kanye west often to wear shutter shades. It is really cool. But i think such glasses are more suitable to wear when in some special places such as music concert, theme party or wear it on some special holidays. if you want to buy a pair and have no idea where you go, you can start it from online. Just search it on. You can have a look at Hope this help.
  • Danielle lewis


    Usually once the stars wear a kind of cool glasses or sunglasses, these products will become the hot ones online or in the magazines. You could find it in the online store and I am sure that you will find it. Then you can base on your financial range to choose the one that is suitable to you.
  • Brandon


    As a matter of fact, I myself like him very much for its excellent songs and books. So, the type of glasses he wears is called nerd glasses which are quite popular these days. Generally speaking, nerd glasses are quite suitable for men and there are lots of places where nerd glasses of different types are on offer. You may just visit some local shopping malls or visit some e-commer websites and there you go.