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James green


What Does Pink Eye Feel Like?

I may get pink eye. My eyes are red and itchy. Am I getting pink eye? What does pink eye feel like? Can you tell me? How to relieve it?
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  • Jerry H.


    I got pink eye in the last month. Pink eye often go with the symptoms of red appearance in our eyes. We may suffer from itchy burning and watery eyes at the same time. We will feel as if there's something stuck on our eye. I apply some artificial tears in my eyes and then see my eye doctor immediately. I got the contagious pink eye. I had stayed at home for about two weeks with prescribed medicines.
  • Andrew bell


    If you got pink eye, you may have red dry and itchy eyes. There are two kinds of pink eye. one is highly contagious and need special kind of medical treatment. But the other kind will go away on its own for a few days to few weeks. You can place a piece of ice on your eyes to calm down the inflammation first. If the symptoms persist, you'd better see an eye doctor before you apply medicines.
  • gill



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