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Zoe may


How to wear glasses to prom?

There is going to have a prom this weekend, and as you know, a lot of people will wear makeup to there. But I don' t know how to wear glasses to prom. I need some suggestions here, guys!!!
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  • enycelilmamii


    Congratulations that you are gonna graduate from high school. Anyway, as you can see, a prom is a very festive occasion where you must show yourself to other people, make them get impressed by who you are. I suggest that you get a pair of nice and bold glasses, like vivid nerd glasses or something. Also, you should pay attention to what you wear and your hairstyle. Have a good time, kid.
  • Justin fergus


    If you have to wear your eyeglasses which are used to see things clearly, you could wear the big frame eyeglasses which are so popular now. It is fashionable and modern. You could choose the big frame black eyeglasses. They are so cool. You could go to the online store to buy one.
  • Isabelle


    There is a better way to both satisfy your eyes as well as your dresses that is, choosing to wear eye contact lenses instead of wearing glasses. Wearing eye contact lenses can be much more convenient and replace the plain glasses with perfect makeup and your fashionable dresses at the prom. And because this may be the first time for you to wear eye contact lenses, you probably will feel the contact in your eye because there not enough moisture, if so, you can try getting some eye drops which provide extra moisture that is intended for contacts users.