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Can anything be done about a lazy eye?

I have got a lazy eye since I was born. But this really makes my life very inconvenient. What can I do to improve my lazy eye?
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  • Desiree


    As a matter of fact, lazy eyes are without perceptible visual deprivation and binocular interaction caused by abnormal unilateral, bilateral vision loss, and eye examinations organic disease. Normally, the lazy eyes can be corrected for kids usually before 6 years old. That is said, on the contrary, it's harder for you to improve your lazy eyes. If lazy eyes are not treated at early age, it is considered untreatable in adults because the brain wasn't thought to be plastic enough. But there are still some measures to improve your vision. For example, thread needles with the purpose of exercise, painting, stringing beads. Through these exercises, you can relieve the symptom in some ways. Besides, even the lasik eye surgery can not completely cure the lazy eyes, it can still help reduce nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism which helps to insure that the image is in the correct position on the retina.
  • consilium_capit


    Yes, a lot of people get lazy eyes when they are born because of the genetic genes. You could use the special eyeglasses to help you get the right vision. If you want to cure it and get the good vision, you could do the surgery which is now effective and safe in big and famous hospital.
  • Cameron giles


    Well, yes, lazy eyes can be hereditary. So it can be very annoying for some people. Generally speaking, lazy eyes mean that one eye has not developed normally and always has blurred vision. And lazy eyes are caused by various conditions which can prevent the brain from using both eyes together. Of course, to treat it, having one pair of glasses which doctor prescribe for you is useful. And also, you can consider surgery to straighten the muscles. This option is usually performed when non-surgical options fail to work. Anyway, just be careful about it.