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Jocelyn david


Can I watch tv if I have pink eye?

I have got pink eye these days, but I want to know if I can still watch tv? I hope that my pink eye will not get worse if I do that.
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  • Logan


    Hello, medically speaking, your eyes will not get worse if you watch TV. Because pink eye caused by conjunctival inflammation, it will not harm for your vision. But if the condition is more severe, for example, the inflammation attack to the cornea, you'd better not watch TV and get as much extra rest as possible during this phase.
  • Saarah


    You could still watch tv. But you should better not do this. Or else, your pink eyes may get worse. The radiation from the tv may make your eyes get tired easily. Your eyes may get dry. At the same time, you should keep on using the eye drops to moisture your eyes and help you get rid of the invisible bacterium. You should cure the pink eyes.
  • Ali


    Well, in my opinion, you can watch tv even if you have pink eye. But you do need to control the time you watch tv, or it will just increase the risk of getting serious symptoms. Generally speaking, pink eye, is an eye infection which will cause the white of the eye to turn red. When it occurs, itching, watering eyes, swollen lids and a thick discharge can be possible. To get rid of it, you can just try the chamomile tea, and just put cooled, chamomile tea bags on the eyes for 5 to 20 minutes. Also, for pink eyes, you need to wear eye patch to stay away from irritants, virus, and bacteria. Also, just have a good rest for your eyes.

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