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John clark


Can low potassium cause yellow eyes?

It is said that low potassium can lead to yellow eyes. Is that true? I am diagnosed with low potassium now. And I really don' t want to get yellow eyes, seriously.
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  • Joseph


    Yes, the low potassium can lead to yellow eyes because of the relation with the liver problems. You should better take more food with potassium. You should have the good rest for the eyes. The eye drops could be used to moisture the eyes. At the same time, you could use the warm compress to release the symptom.
  • Noah james


    There is no evidence that potassium deficiency will cause yellow eyes, so you need not worry about it. Potassium deficiency or hypokalemia is a serious medical condition in which your body will go through many negative changes. The common symptoms of potassium deficiency are as the following: pain and weakness in muscle, cardiac arrhythmia, fatigue, hyponatremia, confusion and delirium, skin problems, temporary memory loss, sleeplessness, constipation and ringing nose. As for the eyes, there are several cases about eye dryness and bags under eyes caused by potassium deficiency. Usually, yellow eyes result from jaundice, liver dysfunction and anemia. So, in your case, you will not have yellow eyes.
  • gary


    Well, potassium is a mineral that helps maintain the water and acid balance in blood and tissue cells. And when you suffer potassium deficiency, it will just lead to dry skin, muscle weakness, and fatigue. And in some serious cases, heart problems can be possible too. But on the other hand, there is no evidence which has shown that potassium deficiency can lead to yellow eyes. And in detail, yellow eyes can be caused by many reasons, such as iron deficiency, smoking and so on. If you suffer yellow eyes because of iron deficiency, just eat foods such as beef, liver, chicken, green leafy vegetables and beans to increase your iron levels. So you just do not need to worry about it too much.