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Can low ferritin cause dry eyes?

It is said that low ferritin can easily lead to dry eyes. Is that true? What can I do to prevent from that?
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  • eden540


    Yes, it is possible that a low level of ferritin can lead to dry eyes. Especially the females who are in their periods are more likely to present this kind of symptom. To prevent from dry eyes due to low ferritin, you certainly had better to go on a regular diet and add more and appropriate supplements of those foods that are abundant in ferritin, such as eggs, exidia auricula judae, animal liver, vegetables and fruits that are of black color, milk, and dairy products and so on. There are also other reasons for dry eyes, such as overuse of eyes without good and adequate rest or sleep, staying in too dry circumstances with air-conditioning always on or on windy days. If so, it is better to use some eye drops to moisten your eyes regularly, and pay attention to allow your eyes to have enough rest, as well as doing some eye exercises, do not stay before the computer for too long a time.
  • Noah


    Ok, it seems that you are upset about your dry eyes. It is true that dry eyes could be serious sometimes, leading to lots of symptoms such as watery eyes, blurry vision, painful eyes, etc. The causes could be various, such as a lack of vitamins, especially A, bad use of eyes, or sleep deprivation, ferritin simply has nothing to do with dry eyes. Just try to take care of the points I have mentioned above, and take care of your eye health.
  • b1ttersw33t7


    There are many reasons why this might be the case, lack of ferritin is one of their main causes of the disease. Such as, liver function recession, don't have a regular bedtime and unbalanced nutrition intake, there are all can cause your eyes get dry eyes. So, on the one hand, you need to eat more vegetables, fruits, animal liver and shrimp. On the other hand, with an eye to develop good habits, is also very important.

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