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Can i kiss my boyfriend with pink eye?

I have got pink eye for days, but I will have a date with my boyfriend tomorrow night. I am wondering if I can still kiss my boyfriend? I don' t want his eyes get infected, either.
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  • Arianna walker


    No, you should not kiss your boyfriend and you should better not see him. You'd better cancel the date. The pink eyes are contagious. You should stay at home and treat the eyes until they are treated well. Or else, your boyfriend will get infection. You should use some eye drops to moisture the eyes. You could also have the good rest.
  • ellochkablecy


    Form my experience, you'd better not kiss your boyfriend. As we all know, the pink eye is highly contagious. To stay your boyfriend's healthy, wash your hands often and try not to touch your eyes. For example, you hold his hand before you touch your eyes. The bacteria will get into his eyes through his hand when he accidentally touches his eyes. So, if you really love him, keep a little distance during this period.
  • arnold


    Ok, it sounds like you love your boy very much. But, as you can see, pink eyes is not a slight problem, which could leave your eyes great harm, and it is communicable. If you try to kiss your boy, you are very likely to transmit your pink eye to him. If you love him enough, just stay away from him and get medical treatment before things get worse. Also, pay attention to your use of eyes and get more rest.

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