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What are the side effects of refresh eye drops?

i often use refresh eye drops when I am working on the computer but my collegue said it is bad for my eyes. What are the side effects of refresh eye drops?
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  • Colleen


    Refresh eye drops are used to treat dry eyes. But some people may experience some side effects of these eye drops. When people use refreah eye drops for the first time, they may get burning eyes temporarily. Besides, refresh eye drops can temporarily affect your vision, so you may get blurry vision when using the refresh eye drops. Some people may get itchy and red eyes while using refresh eye drops to treat their dry eyes.
  • ryan


    Though refresh eye drops can help you your dry eyes and encourage your eyes to produce their own tears. There are side effects of the drops. You may suffers temporary burning feeling when you use Refresh eye drops. This is the most common side effect experiences of some consumers. Besides, when you use the eye drops, the liquid coats your eye can cause temporary vision blur.

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